Summer Activities for Teenagers Series: The Mechanic

Our Summer Activities for Teenagers Series is the perfect place to find things to do in the summer! In this installment, we have lots of ideas for ‘The Mechanic’ in your family!

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

Make something new from something old…

  • Make a go-cart from spare parts
  • Use old bicycles to build an electric or solar-powered bicycle
  • Use non-working vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, etc. to create a new machine of some sort

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Contribute to the upkeep of your family’s vehicles and machines…

  • Learn how to change a car battery
  • Practice changing tires
  • Learn how to check air pressure in tires
  • Learn how to check the oil
  • Change the oil in your family’s vehicles
  • Learn how to jump-start a car
  • Wash and detail your family’s vehicles
  • Service your family’s lawn mowers, weed eaters, bicycles, etc.

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Extend the life of an old machine…

Restore an old…

  • car or truck
  • bicycle
  • motorcycle
  • go-cart
  • scooter
  • vacuum cleaner
  • lawn mower
  • golf cart

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Disclaimer: All activities in this series may not be suitable for every teenager. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine whether their teens are of appropriate age, maturity, and ability to participate in any given activity. It’s a Joyous Journey LLC takes no responsibility for any accident, injury, behavior, damage, etc. resulting from any person’s involvement in any activity listed in this series. Please note that many activities involve the internet/social media. We take no responsibility for any content on any website other than our own. Please monitor your teen according to your own family’s internet/social media guidelines.

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Summer Activities for Teenagers