Why Kids with ADHD Love to Play Math on Roblox

Your kids with ADHD can play math on Roblox with BRAINIKA! With these cool math games on their favorite gaming platform, they’ll be begging you to learn math!

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Play Math on Roblox
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What would you say if you found a math game that your kids with ADHD could play on their favorite video game platform that would keep them engaged and learning? BRAINIKA has created a fun math game right on Roblox that will have your kids begging to “play math”!

There is ample evidence to suggest that kids with ADHD often learn better through video game play! Eduational video games can increase executive functioning skills, improve attention and memory, and keep your child’s interest in learning.

In fact, the founder of BRAINIKA is a mom of a child with ADHD who was desperate to find a way for her son to learn math in a way that was interesting enough to him to keep his attention. Since Roblox was his favorite thing to do, she created a way for him to play math on Roblox!

Kids in grades K-2 will love to play math on Roblox with BRAINIKA

Brainika Math is designed for kids in K-2nd grade. Since I don’t have any kids that young myself, the kids that my daughter babysits during the summer tried it out and gave me some feedback to share with you.

None of us had played Roblox before, but the kids knew about it and were eager to try it out. After getting comfortable with the controls, they were off and running!

Even our little guy who was about to start Kindergarten was able to successfully play the game with just a little help. He quickly started telling us that he knew what the answers were because he could see that the same number was in both the question and the answer.

For example, when he got to a problem that said 10+7, he knew to run through the gate that said 17 because he saw the 7 in both places. Now, of course, that won’t hold true for all math problems, but it was great to see him make that connection and be able to play through those levels on his own.

Both kids really enjoyed the game and have asked to play several more times.

Play Math on Roblox
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Even young kids can learn to play math on BRAINIKA with just a few simple instructions

Brainika Math for parents and kids who are homeschooling with ADHD

If you are homeschooling a child with ADHD, you know that it can be stressful for both you and your child. Brainika Math can help ease some of that stress by making math practice fun! The 30-day challenge will give them a goal to work towards where they can be rewarded with 400 Robux. This will help them develop a regular routine of practicing math.

As a parent, you’ll love the progress tracking reports that will keep you up to speed on your child’s progress.

Play Math on Roblox
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Sample Progress Report on Brainika Math

Nobody enjoys forced learning. And let’s be honest, how much learning actually happens when it is forced? Why not give your kids a little time to play a fun math game that will result in real learning rather than dragging them through a dry, boring practice sheet that is just going to end in a meltdown?

Here’s what BRAINIKA offers homeschool parents:

  • Easy progress tracking for parents
  • 100% SAFE environment – chatting with strangers is disabled
  • New levels are added regularly
  • We use the kids’ love for Roblox to make them fall in love with math
  • Your kid can make 400 Robux monthly for solving math problems
  • Monthly or annual subscriptions available

Want your kids to play math on Roblox for free?

If you are a school teacher, an educator, or a homeschooling parent with 3+ kids at home who has been using game-based learning and would like to use the Brainika Math game in Roblox in class or for home assignments, BRAINIKA would like to give you FREE access. Reach out to Anika@brainika.co to inquire.

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