How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Teens

Great ideas for making Valentine’s Day special for your teens. Valentine’s gifts for teens and family traditions for a sweet day of celebrating love!

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valentines gifts for teens

Valentine’s Day can be an awkward day for teens. They don’t have the cute little parties they used to have when they were younger that made everyone feel special and included. They may feel left out because they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to exchange gifts with.

Not that they need one…but, we all remember what that feels like, right? You see other kids getting flowers or candy or balloons or whatever, and you’re just sitting there feeling like a wallflower and wondering if you’ll ever actually have someone to be all sweet and sappy with on Valentine’s Day. It’s tough! - Surprise someone you care about!

I’ve always tried to get some little something for my kids on Valentine’s Day, but it’s gotten a little more difficult to come up with ideas as they’ve gotten older…especially for the boys.

I mean, you only need so many stuffed bears holding hearts, you know? And finding the unopened heart-shaped boxes of candy in their rooms in July makes me think they’re kinda over the candy thing. So, what do you do?

Valentines Gifts for Teens

Well, as with most things, you turn to Amazon! And, if you’re like me, you’ve waited until the last minute, and Amazon Prime is your best friend.

So, I thought I’d share some Amazon Valentine’s Day gift treasures I’ve found for my kids in the past to give you some ideas that might help your teens remember that they’ll always be your special Valentine.

Keep reading to the end to see some family tradition ideas to make Valentine’s Day special with your teens!

Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Girls

For my sweet Symphony, I always want to help her feel empowered and know that I believe in her. She is very sentimental and values tradition and things that hold meaning. This Oriya Stainless Steel Inspirational Necklace was the perfect choice to give her something that she could cherish for years.

I know your teen girl would also love these Amazon Valentine’s Day gifts!

Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Boys

Like I said before, finding Valentine’s Day gifts for your teenage sons is a little more challenging. Isaac likes men’s jewelry that has meaning behind it. He has several rings and necklaces that have engravings or symbols that he connects with.

He is really supportive of the military, as well, so I thought this CALIS Engraved Dog Tag Inspirational Necklace would go nicely with his collection. And, of course, it will help him remember that I’ll always be his biggest fan!

For Elijah, my oldest, we are in that transition into adulthood. This Engraved Leather Front Pocket Wallet said all the things that I wanted to say to him to recognize that he is a man, but he’ll always be my baby boy. Oh, how quickly they grow up!

If you’re looking for something that is a little more fun or practical than sentimental, these Amazon Valentine’s Day gifts would be great for your teen boys, too!

Of course, if you’ve really waited until the last minute, and Amazon Prime can’t even rescue you, there are always Amazon Gift Cards (this may or may not be what my kids are getting this year)! I know these will never go unused at my house!

Valentine’s Day Special Family Traditions

I’ve shared some gift ideas with you, but there are other ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your teens other than material gifts. How about creating some sweet family traditions that your teens will always remember?

Here are some ideas:

  • Do a fancy family dinner complete with candlelight, your best dishes, and some soft music in the background.
  • Living room dance party, anyone? I think, yes!
  • Leave notes for your kids to find reminding them how much you love them. (Chelsea over at Mama Has Her Mindful has an idea for a really sweet and meaningful way to leave notes!)
  • Give them an invitation to a date with mom or dad…and then make sure you do it!
  • Go on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt together.
  • Just spend time with them doing something that they enjoy. When we make an effort to show interest in the things that interest them, they notice!

Yes, your teens might tell you how cheesy you are if you do some of these things! But, no matter how many eye rolls or groans you get, they will still appreciate your effort and file these Valentine’s Day memories away in their “cherished” file.

What are your favorite ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your teens?

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