Summer Activities for Teenagers Series: The Fashionista

Our Summer Activities for Teenagers Series is the perfect place to find things to do in the summer! In this installment, we have lots of ideas for ‘The Fashionista’ in your family!

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

Emphasize your power to accessorize…

  • Design jewelry sets
  • Make your own jewelry
  • Re-purpose found items into jewelry

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Show off your style…

  • Draw new clothing designs
  • Make your designs
  • Use old clothing to make new pieces
  • Create a t-shirt line with unique quotes
  • Experiment with tie-dye
  • Mix and match your clothes in your closet to come up with new ensembles

Summer Activities for Teenagers

The face is your canvas…

  • Experiment with new colors
  • Create how-to videos for YouTube
  • Practice your make-up skills on willing (or sleeping) family members

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Hair is your sculpture…

  • Learn different braiding techniques
  • Experiment with hair chalk
  • Practice prom hairstyles

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Pampering is priority…

  • Give yourself (or your mom) a mani/pedi 
  • Give yourself (or your mom) a facial
  • Try a new face mask recipe
  • Make your own soaps and bath bombs
  • Make your own candles
  • Make your own lip balm

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