Summer Activities for Teenagers Series: The Foodie

Our Summer Activities for Teenagers Series is the perfect place to find things to do in the summer! In this installment, we have lots of ideas for ‘The Foodie’ in your family!

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

Show off your chef skills…

  • Plan weekly themed cultural dinners 
  • Have a fondue night
  • Try your hand at homemade pasta
  • Find a new recipe online and try it out for dinner
  • Tweak one of your family’s go-to recipes and see if everyone likes it
  • Elevate a simple meal to make it elegant
  • Host a dinner party

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Bake a batch of yummy goodness…

  • Make your own candy
  • Make a fancy cheesecake from scratch
  • Experiment with muffin recipes
  • Bake some homemade bread
  • Bake a cake
  • Watch cake decorating videos
  • Practice cake decorating with fondant, flower making, and piping

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Find your place in the food business…

  • Create a YouTube cooking channel
  • Create a recipe/cooking blog
  • Take food photos to sell as stock photos

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Create memories with food…

  • Make a family cookbook
  • Make a cooking video

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Savor the summer…

  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Make your favorite Starbucks drinks at home
  • Experiment with smoothie recipes
  • Re-create Disney treats at home
  • Create your own popcorn flavors

Interested in creating a foodie blog?

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