The Best OKC Attractions-Scissortail Park

Scissortail Park is truly one of the best OKC attractions! This oasis in downtown OKC offers beautiful landscaping, a concert venue, playground, sprayground fountains, outdoor roller rink, boathouse with paddleboats & kayaks, and a great place for the community to come together!

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Scissortail Park Café & Food Trucks

Scissortail Park Cafe
Cafe Spark

When we arrived at Scissortail Park, it was time for lunch, so we headed straight to the food trucks! It was a weekday, so there were only a few options, but we were happy with our choices. The kids decided on Spunkie’s Soul Food, while the hubby and I opted for burgers from All Time Burger Bistro. We sat under the awning of Café Spark to eat our lunch, but it didn’t seem like it was open. We could see some vending machines inside, but we didn’t see any people in the building.

Scissortail Park Food Trucks
We loved the food trucks!

Scissortail Park Love’s Stage and Great Lawn

Loves Stage and Great Lawn
Love’s Travel Stops Stage and Great Lawn

At the Love’s Stage, some people were setting up for a concert to be held later that evening. The Great Lawn is a sprawling green space that is perfectly designed around the Love’s Stage to provide an unobstructed view for the entire audience. The slope of the hill creates almost an amphitheater-type setting for guests to enjoy fabulous music and other arts (even the ballet!) in a peaceful outdoor setting.

Scissortail Park Great Lawn

Scissortail Park Promenade

Scissortail Park Promenade
Scissortail Park Promenade

The Promenade stretches all the way from Oklahoma City BLVD to the Skydance Bridge. As you stroll along the path, you can take in the gorgeous Great Lawn, stop for a picnic, let the kids play on the playgrounds, cool off in the fountains, and even stop by the Sky Rink for a little roller skating outdoor-style!


Scissortail Park Gardens

Scissortail Park Gardens
Scissortail Park Gardens

The gardens all over Scissortail Park are just stunning! From the wildflowers to the prairie grasses, all of the landscaping is authentically Oklahoman. It made me proud to see several groundskeepers taking meticulous care of this beautiful green space that has added so much character to OKC!

Scissortail Park Gardens
You might even be able to imagine you’re out in the country in a field of wildflowers!

Scissortail Park Playgrounds

Scissortail Park Playground

There is no shortage of fun for the kids at Scissortail Park! My own kids are a little big to enjoy the playgrounds now, so I didn’t get to see them up close. I didn’t want to be the weird adult walking into the play area and taking pictures while other people’s kids were playing, so I just tried to get a few shots from a distance. The slide tower and climbing spider looked like a ton of fun!

Scissortail Park Playground
Scissortail Park Playground

Scissortail Park Picnic Areas

Scissortail Park Picnic Area
Scissortail Park Picnic Area

Several shaded picnic areas line the Promenade as you reach the playground and sprayground areas, providing a great place for families to take a break for lunch. You can even rent an area to have birthday parties or other events!

Scissortail Park Sprayground

Scissortail Sprayground

The fountains at Scissortail Sprayground bring interactive art to a new level! From a distance, it looks like a sculpture reminiscent of tall blades of grass blowing along the prairie. When you get up close, though, you find that it’s a great place to cool off under dozens of water jets shooting right out of the top of those grass blades! (Disclaimer: I don’t really know that they were meant to look like blades of grass-that’s just what they make me think of.)

Scissortail Park Boathouse and Lake

Scissortail Park Lake
Rent a Pedal Boat at the Scissortail Boathouse
(New OKC Convention Center in the background!)

Scissortail Lake is a peaceful place for wildlife and park visitors alike. Pedal boats, canoes, and kayaks are all available to rent at the Scissortail Boathouse. Although we didn’t go inside, I hear it’s a neat place for events, and they also have food and restrooms available.

Scissortail Park Boathouse
Scissortail Park Boathouse

Scissortail Park Sky Rink

I love the concept of an outdoor skating rink! It’s really nice to have unique options for outdoor activities, especially in times like these when we’re all doing our best to try to keep each other healthy!

There weren’t any skaters out when we got to the Sky Rink, and I guess my crew wasn’t in the mood for it. But, I will say that the Sky Rink is pretty cool! I have physical issues that kept me from lacing up some wheels, but the 80s kid in me really wanted to!

Skydance Bridge


Skydance Bridge has become an iconic landmark of OKC! Spanning Interstate 40 with a 380-foot-long pedestrian bridge, the 197-foot-tall sculpture, inspired by the state bird, lights up the sky each night.

Add a lock to Skydance Bridge to symbolize love or friendship!

As is popular with other famous structures and bridges around the world, locks have begun to accumulate along the Skydance Bridge as a symbol of love and friendship.  

My hubby and me
A little fun on Skydance Bridge

Scissortail Park Events

There are always a myriad of events taking place in Scissortail Park. During the week, you can find fitness classes and community events to attend. The OKC-OSU Farmer’s Market is open on Saturday mornings. And, of course, the Love’s Stage has a full schedule of artists throughout the year. The Scissortail Park calendar can be found here.

Future of Scissortail Park

The 40-acre first phase of Scissortail Park, one of the best things to do in OKC, opened in September 2019 as part of the MAPS 3 project of Oklahoma City. The second phase will include an additional 30 acres south of I-40 that will be connected to the upper section by the Skydance Bridge. The lower section will include several sports courts and fields, as well as more nature areas. It was originally supposed to open in 2021, but the latest reports are saying it will be sometime in 2022.

More to come for Scissortail Park OKC!

You can visit Scissortail Park at 300 SW 7th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73109. Be sure to check their website for hours, park guidelines, map, calendar, and more!

Scissortail Park has given Oklahomans another reason to be proud of their capital city of OKC!

What are your favorite OKC attractions?

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  1. Michele Reply

    We visited OKC for the first time in August and really enjoyed Scissortail Park! The city had much more to offer than we ever imagined.

    • Melissa F Reply

      I love that they keep improving and adding more amazing things for residents and visitors to enjoy!

  2. Lisa Manderino Reply

    My parents just went to this park last week and were telling me how amazing it is! We are planning on going when we visit Oklahoma next!

    • Melissa F Reply

      You’re going to love it!

  3. Cindy Moore Reply

    This park looks so amazing! I’ve been to OKC many times but not since this park opened. I must go by and see it.

    • Melissa F Reply

      It has really added so much character to downtown OKC!

  4. Donna Garrison Reply

    You had me at food trucks! A family friendly park , a place to picnic and a yummy food ( I don’t have to make), is my kind of place. I like that the Scissortail Sprayground also isn’t your typical looking spray park.

    • Melissa F Reply

      I like that about the sprayground, too! And food trucks…yes, please!

  5. Cathy Boatright Reply

    I’m adding this to my list. My kids would love all of the activities!

    • Melissa F Reply

      It’s definitely a great place for the whole family!

  6. Laura Kelly Reply

    Looks like so much to do. My nieces and nephew would love that park with those slides and my husband would stay at the food trucks – lol!

    • Melissa F Reply

      The food trucks are great! I think they have quite a few more on the weekends, too!

  7. kmf Reply

    What an awesome park with so many diverse activities! Love that they’re expanding to even more outdoor space in the city. And that bridge is a spectacular work of art!

    • Melissa F Reply

      I love Skydance Bridge! It’s so unique!

  8. Taquia Covington Reply

    OKC looks like a great place to visit. It’s been on my list for a while. I would love to take a trip to the boathouse and my son would love Scissortail Park!

  9. Heather Jandrue Reply

    Scissortail Park looks like a fun an beautiful place to hang out. I would love to spend an afternoon there.

    • Melissa F Reply

      It’s really a great place to enjoy the outdoors!

  10. Tricia Snow Reply

    I have been to OKC but I never saw any of this! Saving it for the next time I go. THanks!

    • Melissa F Reply

      It just opened in September of 2019. It’s such a great addition to our city!

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