Fun Things to do on Spring Break in Oklahoma City with Teens

Oklahoma City is full of fun things to do on spring break! We’re in a part of the country where the spring break weather is unpredictable. You might need your flip flops and sunshades. You might need your gloves and earmuffs. You might need your umbrella and rain boots. And, although a little more rare in March, you just might need your emergency kit and tornado shelter! As Oklahomans, though, we always know our emergency plan and carry on with our spring break fun until it’s actually needed.

It seems like there is always plenty of information available about fun things to do on spring break with kids, but what about your teens?

Sure, they could sleep until noon and then play video games the rest of the day, but Oklahoma City offers tons of activities to get them out enjoying time with family or friends, no matter the weather! Why not make this spring break one they will remember?

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For the sunny days…

Get out on the water!

Riversport OKC offers everything from adventure whitewater rafting at Oklahoma City’s white water rafting park to paddleboarding on Lake Overholser to dragon boating on the Oklahoma River to sailing on Lake Hefner. Surfing is even coming for summer! If you’d rather stay dry, you can climb the sky trail, zipline over the river, or try your skills out on the pump track. Check out all the activities offered at each of their three locations: Boathouse District, Lake Overholser, and Lake Hefner.

Riversport OKC
Credit: Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Explore Downtown!

There are so many things to do in Downtown OKC that you could easily spend a whole day there. Take a ride on the Bricktown Water Taxi. Play some arcade games and a round of mini-golf at Brickopolis. Catch a movie at Harkins Theater. Grab a taco at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Bowl a couple of games at HeyDay. Rent an electric scooter or bicycle and zip around Bricktown. Take a walk through the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument.

Bricktown Water Taxi in OKC
Credit: Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Hop over to Scissortail Park!

Hop on the OKC Streetcar and ride over to Scissortail Park. This is the newest part of OKC’s Maps 3 project, which is enhancing the quality of life for residents. At Scissortail Park, you can rent pedal boats, fly a kite, and do an impromptu photoshoot among the 40,000 daffodils or on the famous Skydance Bridge.

Skydance Bridge OKC
Credit: Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

You won’t want to miss a photo-op in front of the huge OKC sign with the historic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel in the background! The ferris wheel won’t be open for rides until after Spring Break, but it’s still a great place to hang out.

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel OKC
Credit: Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

For the cold or rainy days…

Chisholm Creek is the place to be these days in OKC!

Your teens will love all of the exciting activities and mouthwatering food over on the north side of town. Top Golf, iFly Indoor Skydiving, and Red Door Escape Room will be a special treat for your teens. Then, the whole family can satisfy the hefty appetites they will have worked up at Uncle Julio’s, Razoo’s, or Birra Birra Craft Pizzeria, and then grab some craft ice cream at Bibi’s. Just across the highway from Chisholm Creek, Main Event is another great option to spend a fun day inside.

Topgolf Oklahoma City
Credit: Topgolf Press

Of course, there are a ton of other places in OKC to find fun things to do on spring break, but we need to save some for ideas for summer! I know getting your teens out of the house every day during spring break might not be feasible, but choosing a day or two to get out and see your local area is a great way to make some lasting memories!

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What are your favorite local spots for spring break fun with your teens?

OKC Spring Break Fun

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  1. T.M. BrownReply

    I have teens, so this is a post I can appreciate! We traveled to OKC back in 2002 when our oldest was only about two, so it’s been a long time. There seems to be a lot of unique and fun things to do with teenagers there – will have to keep this place on the potential travel bucket list!

    • Melissa FReply

      It’s changed so much, even in the nine years we’ve been here! OKC has been continually improving its community areas, and it seems businesses are just flocking here…it’s really booming!

  2. LisaReply

    Who knew there were so many great options in OKC!? Thanks for sharing.

    • Melissa FReply

      Thanks for reading! I really do think OKC is a hidden gem, but it’s gaining momentum in the travel industry!

  3. Melissa JonesReply

    I’ve travelled a lot with my kids, but have never heard much about Oklahoma! That looks like so much fun!!!

    • Melissa FReply

      We’ve been here almost nine years now, and we are still finding new things to do! It’s really a great place to live and to visit!

  4. BriannaReply

    This looks really fun and awesome! I wish we had a spot like this where I live!

    • Melissa FReply

      Maybe you can come visit OKC sometime!

  5. CharlotteReply

    I love your description of the weather. It’s the same in TN.

    • Melissa FReply

      Hello, Charlotte. We are praying for everyone affected by the tornados in TN. I hope you and your family are safe!

  6. heather J jandrueReply

    Our Spring break is in April and we have this little race called the Boston Marathon. There are things to do around the city, plus a Red Sox game. Spring carnivals also pop up this time of year around me.

    • Melissa FReply

      Boston is definitely a place I want to take the family! We did a trip to the Historic Triangle of Virginia and Washington, DC last fall, but I’d love to take them further north to explore the historical sites (and all the other fun things) in that part of the country!

  7. Christina FurnivalReply

    Wow! I had no idea there is so much to do!

    • Melissa FReply

      I’ll be adding some more OKC activities as we get closer to summer…stay tuned!

  8. Karla PetersenReply

    I have a similar checklist for my teens during breaks. I have the wonderful excuse of having 3 littler ones here (7 and 5 and 5 year olds), so I “make” the 4 teens come along to “help” with the girls. But really, we all have a ball together and I pick activities that the teens enjoy and they end up having fun watching the little girls have fun, too! Have you ever watched a teen watch a 5 year old try to mini golf? It’s hilarious and sweet and fun all at the same time!

    • Melissa FReply

      Wow, Karla! It sounds like you are making some priceless memories! How fun!

  9. vanessaReply

    Top Golf is our rainy day ‘go to’ spot in any city we visit. That’s one thing we look for…rainy day activities. OK City has some great spots – who knew? Thanks for sharing.

    • Melissa FReply

      Always need those rainy day activities in the spring!

  10. AdrienneReply

    Love this lost of things to do. I think it would be perfect for adults too! I didn’t realize the cool options of things to do when visiting OKC!

    • Melissa FReply

      Yes…fun for all ages! OKC has actually been named one of the 50 best places to visit in 2020 by Travel + Leisure!

  11. NoelleReply

    I’ve never been to Oklahoma, but if we ever get there, now I know all the fun places to take the kids!

    • Melissa FReply

      We’d love to have you in OKC one day!

  12. SandiReply

    I don’t have teens anymore, but thank you for all the great info about OKC. I might try to get there one day.

    • Melissa FReply

      There is so much for people of any age to enjoy!

  13. Sydney DelongReply

    Great list!! Top Golf is so much fun!

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