An Afternoon at the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument

We’ve lived in the Oklahoma City area for almost nine years now, but we are still discovering little gems right here in our own backyard. We had seen glimpses of the Oklahoma Centennial Land Run Monument from the Bricktown Canal while riding the Bricktown Water Taxi, but we didn’t realize it is an actual park that we can walk through.

While preparing for a recent history lesson with our Mystery of History curriculum, the Land Run Monument was suggested as a possible field trip idea. I just happened to have a late afternoon doctor’s appointment scheduled close to the downtown area the next week, so the whole family tagged along. It turned out to be a perfect early January afternoon in downtown OKC!


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The park entrance provides some great information about the Land Run of 1889. We took a few minutes to stop and read about this event that played such a huge role in Oklahoma’s history. It was so nice to see that a short description is also provided in Braille.

The monument is a breathtaking sight! At 1.5 times life-size, the bronze horses rise out of the prairie with determined riders who are racing towards the opportunity of a lifetime!

The realistic detail Paul Moore’s 47 sculptures stretching across 365 feet of land on the edge of the downtown Oklahoma City area is amazing! We took so many pictures, it was hard to choose which ones to share!