Summer Activities for Teenagers Series: The Storyteller

Our Summer Activities for Teenagers Series is the perfect place to find things to do in the summer! In this installment, we have lots of ideas for ‘The Storyteller’ in your family!

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

Put your words on paper…

  • Write a book
  • Write a short story
  • Start a blog
  • Write a poem
  • Write a movie script
  • Write a skit
  • Write a monologue
  • Write a children’s book
  • Write a song

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Keep family memories alive…

  • Interview older family members and write down stories for a family memory book
  • Gather recipes and create a family cookbook
  • Create photo books of family memories from digital photos

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Become bilingual…

  • Learn a new language
  • Learn a few phrases in several different languages

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Share your thoughts…

  • Create a podcast to share your personal stories
  • Create a book review podcast
  • Find an interesting podcast to listen to

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Curl up with a good book…

  • Read a new book series
  • Read a classic you haven’t gotten to yet
  • Record yourself reading a children’s book and send it to family members with young kids
  • Start a book club

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