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Our Summer Activities for Teenagers Series is the perfect place to find things to do in the summer! In this installment, we have lots of ideas for ‘The Traveler’ in your family!

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

Explore your local area…

  • Research your local area to see if there are some new places/attractions you haven’t visited yet
  • Plan a family day out
  • Use social media to document your experiences for others who may want to explore your local area
  • Look on Pinterest for some fun day trips from your area
  • Go geocaching

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Create trip guides…

  • Create trip guides (blog post, video, podcast, downloadable) for places you’ve been to share online
  • Do some research and create trip guides for places you want to go someday
  • Take virtual vacations to get some ideas from trip guides others have created

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Plan a trip…

  • Talk to parents about which trips on your bucket list might be feasible in the near future and ask if you can work on planning that trip (Remember, a not right now doesn’t mean never. Do your research for future trips, but be content with what is possible for your situation right now)
  • Research transportation, lodging, food, activities to get an idea of costs involved
  • Decide how much time you’d need for the trip
  • Decide what the budget must be for the trip (Don’t forget tips, souvenirs, special clothing or other items needed for the trip)
  • With permission and parents’ help, go ahead and start booking your trip if the time is right!

Summer Activities for Teenagers

Dream about future trips…

Create buckets lists for…

  • Countries you want to visit
  • States you want to visit
  • Cities you want to visit
  • National parks you want to visit
  • Attractions you want to visit
  • Experiences you want to have

Warm up with Beaches Resorts

Interested in creating a travel blog?

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Disclaimer: All activities in this series may not be suitable for every teenager. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine whether their teens are of appropriate age, maturity, and ability to participate in any given activity. It’s a Joyous Journey LLC takes no responsibility for any accident, injury, behavior, damage, etc. resulting from any person’s involvement in any activity listed in this series. Please note that many activities involve the internet/social media. We take no responsibility for any content on any website other than our own. Please monitor your teen according to your own family’s internet/social media guidelines.

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Summer Activities for Teenagers

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