In-Home Scavenger Hunt for Quarantine Fun!

An in-home scavenger hunt is the perfect thing to do in quarantine! Pick your theme and age level for new experiences and challenges every time you play! Family time, date nights, educational fun, virtual game nights, virtual team building, virtual birthday parties…so many options with Let’s Roam: Roam From Home!

Thank you to Let’s Roam: Roam From Home for sponsoring our Graduation Day in-home scavenger hunt!

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Watch all the fun!

We took part in the Let’s Roam: Roam From Home Family Vlogger Challenge!

It was a great way to celebrate Elijah’s graduation with his associate’s degree. We were so disappointed that he didn’t get to walk the stage to celebrate this milestone because of COVID-19, but we were super excited when we saw that Roam From Home had a Graduation Day themed in-home scavenger hunt!

in-home scavenger hunt
He was singing his own graduation song. I think it was “The Hallelujah Chorus”!

So, we all donned a graduation cap (we’ve done a lot of graduating around here, so we had plenty of caps to go around), named ourselves Team Graduation Domination, and got ready to show off our smarts!

lets roam from home
We were very serious about this…no funny business here!

This was our first time to ever use the Let’s Roam app.

There was a little bit of a learning curve. We caught on quick, though. You have to click on each challenge and either take a photo or a video, depending on what you’re asked to do. We had to re-do a couple of the videos until I figured out how to do it correctly, but it didn’t slow us down too much.

let's roam from home
Let the challenges begin!

Since this was a Roam From Home indoor scavenger hunt, we only needed to use one device for everyone to share. When we get to do a city scavenger hunt (hopefully soon!), each one of us will be able to use our own devices, and we’ll be assigned different roles and challenges. I know that will add even more excitement to the scavenger hunt!

But back to our Graduation Day themed in-home scavenger hunt!

We loved the way it was really focused on the graduate because it allowed us to celebrate his accomplishments, but it also helped us to connect with his college experience. And btw, this one is directed more toward college graduates. There are challenges related to school traditions and trivia questions about famous universities, but I think it could be easily modified to work for high school graduates as well.

lets roam from home
A hammock toga, maybe?

One of our first challenges was to do a Facebook live video of the graduate and a roommate doing the Macarena. Since Elijah still lives at home, we just went with whoever was willing at the moment. And when I say “willing”, I mean begrudgingly coerced into a somewhat familiar rendition of the movements that could be interpreted as the Macarena. We’re not TikTok level here yet, folks, but maybe you’ll be mildly entertained anyway!

in-home scavenger hunt
Not bad for our first Facebook Live!

We spent the next hour running wildly around the house taking pictures of dorm food, re-creating a favorite lunch stop, building a shoe tree, building outfits out of non-clothing items, and a ton of other creative and fun challenges!

There was cheerleading…

in-home scavenger hunt

and sword fights…

in-home scavenger hunt

and sorority/fraternity rush activities…

lets roam from home

and all-night study sessions…

let's roam from home

and spring break…

lets roam from home