RV Rental-Keep Your Social Distance and Explore the Great Outdoors

Many people are rethinking travel in light of the current health situation. When it’s time to ease back into travel, RV rental will be a great option to maintain some social distance and see the great outdoors!

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Our whole world is currently facing a pandemic and most travel plans have been put on hold, but it won’t be that way forever! Understandably, however, many people may be a little hesitant to jump right back into the normal travel modes that involve lots of crowds and busy places, like airlines, cruises, theme parks, and other tourist attractions.

I get it. I love to travel, but I also have to be extra diligent because I am one of those people who has a pre-existing condition and a compromised immune system. I’m under doctor’s orders to stay home right now, and I have to suit up in my mask, gloves, and a haircutting apron just to hug my kids goodnight. Yes, it’s a hysterical sight, but it’s just necessary right now!

Hugging-Apparatus for Immuno-Compromised Moms
Hugging Apparatus for Immuno-Compromised Moms

Why an RV Rental?

Once we get on the other side of this coronavirus outbreak (and I have faith that we will), RV rental vacations might be the best option for easing back into the travel world. I mean, think about it…

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but I’ve never really been an RV person. How do I know if it will be a good fit for my family?” Well, that’s why it’s an RV rental. You’re not making a long-term commitment here. You can try out an RV before you buy an RV at RVshare. If you like it, maybe you can think about purchasing one. If you don’t, you can go back to your preferred type of travel on your next vacation.

So, where can you go with your RV Rental?

The options are almost endless! Rent an RV to see all of our Amazing National Parks! A great place to start is the National Park Service. Get out there and see the great outdoors! You can find parks in every state along with all the current conditions (weather, roads, etc.). Get an annual pass for $80 (free if you’re in the military, have a 4th grader in your family this year, or have a permanent disability). Seniors can get an annual pass for $20 or a lifetime pass for $80.

See if your favorite State and National Park is open for camping!

National Redwood Forest
Redwood National Forest

The Good Sam Club can help you find other destinations that are great for RVers. Whether you want to hit the beach, find a nice secluded lake to fish, seek out an adventurous hike, or just find a quiet place with some different scenery, the Good Sam Club has got you covered!

How do I find an RV Rental?

It’s easy! Just go to a website like Outdoorsy RV Rentals for the best value and most variety. Enter some basic criteria, like how many people you need to sleep, the dates of your travel, and your location. Then, you’ll see a list of RV rentals that meet your needs and are available on the dates you want to travel. You can see photos, read reviews, and find out about the cost. Keep in mind that travel trailers are often less expensive to rent than motor homes. So if you have a vehicle that can tow, and you’re on a tighter budget, that might be your best bet. Make sure you read all of the details, so you’re not caught off guard by extra fees for mileage and generator usage.

rent an rv

Have I convinced you to try an RV rental yet?

Are you ready to start planning your RV rental vacation while you’re stuck in the house during the pandemic? If you need some more convincing, do your research. Check out Outdoorsy and RVShare. See what’s feasible for your family in terms of RV type and destination. Look at the RV parks in the area you want to visit. Travel may need to look a little different than what you’re used to while we’re practicing social distance, but you can use this opportunity to create an epic memory for your family with an RV rental!

Are you an RV Owner? Rent out your RV for extra income!

Did you know that your RV that is just sitting there for most of the year could be making you money? Why not let other families get some use out of it and earn a side income (or help make your payments)!

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Where would you like to go in your RV Rental?

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