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Here are five reasons CTCMath is the only homeschool math curriculum you’ll need for the whole family with the Homeschool Family Membership.

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Math always seems to be an ongoing struggle for homeschool families! I know it has been for us. We have used SO many different math curricula over the years!

Two of my kids have graduated now, and I only have one left in high school. When all my kids were in school at different levels, though, it was always nice to find a homeschool curriculum that would work for all of them, and CTCMath was one of those solutions that just made life easier!

What makes CTCMath so great for the whole family? I’ve got five reasons to share with you below…keep reading!

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Reason #1 CTCMath Works for the Whole Family

One Homeschool Math Curriculum Across All Grade Levels K-12

CTCMath offers all levels of math for grades K-12! If you have kids in elementary, middle school, and high school, they can all learn math at their own level with the CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership. That’s right! You only have to purchase one homeschool math curriculum for all of your kids, no matter what level of math they need!

Worried about all of your kids sharing computers to get their math done? CTCMath works on all iOS and Android devices, so you can utilize all the devices in your home. Kids can choose the platform they prefer, and they can even do math on the go with a tablet or smartphone.

Each kid has their own login, so everybody can be logged into their own account and do math at the same time without affecting anybody else’s work.

Homeschool Math Curriculum
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All your kids can use CTCMath on their own devices at the same time!

Reason #2 CTCMath Works for the Whole Family

One Homeschool Math Curriculum for All Types of Learners

If you have more than one child in your homeschool, you most likely have more than one type of learner, too. Whether you have a child with ADHD, a learning difference, or just a preference toward a certain way of learning, CTCMath offers options that can meet each of your individual students’ needs.

Some of the great benefits for individual learners include:

  • Short video lessons
  • The ability to “stop” and “rewind” the teacher if they need to see something again
  • Individual pacing
  • Colorful visual examples
  • Clear and simple explanations
  • Online questions that automatically adapt in difficulty to the student’s needs
  • Printable worksheets for “pencil and paper” math
  • Printable lesson summaries for quick offline reference
  • Worked step-by-step solutions so students can see where they made a mistake and learn how to correct it
  • Option for parents to clear the answers to any lesson the student did not master to give them another chance to learn the material
  • Diagnostic tests for each section, so students don’t have to waste time on material they’ve already mastered

Reason #3 CTCMath Works for the Whole Family

One Homeschool Math Curriculum to Access to All Grade Levels for Every Student

This is awesome for addressing learning gaps! Say you’ve got a kid in Pre-Algebra, and you realize the reason he’s having a hard time is because he really doesn’t understand how fractions work. All you have to do is go in and assign some lessons on fractions from a lower level, and let him work through those until he gets up to speed. Then, he can go back and pick up where he left off in Pre-Algebra. Super simple! No more having to search the Internet for supplemental videos that may or may not cover what your kid needs to learn.

Not sure which course would be best for your student? That’s totally okay! As homeschool parents, we know that different curriculum providers sometimes cover different material for “grade levels” and some don’t even place “grade level” labels on their courses. CTCMath placement tests will help you decide and make sure you’re assigning tasks that are tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Reason #4 CTCMath Works for the Whole Family

One Homeschool Math Curriculum for Easy Grading and Reporting

CTCMath is a breeze for you, as a homeschool parent, to keep up with grading and reporting for all of your students! You can choose to receive a weekly report in your email for each student that will alert you to any problem areas and help you remember to praise your students for their successes. The printable award certificates are a great way to reward your students for all of their hard work!

There are also multiple options for summaries or detailed reports that you can download in CSV or PDF format. You can even see the individual questions that the student completed from the Question Banks and compare their answers to the correct answers.

Homeschool Math Curriculum
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Keeping up with student progress is a breeze with CTCMath!

Reason #5 CTCMath Works for the Whole Family

One Homeschool Math Curriculum for One Low Price

Homeschool curriculum can get expensive very quickly…especially if you have multiple kids! Am I right? With CTCMath‘s Homeschool Family Membership, you can pay one low price for a math program that all of your kids can use.

Plus, homeschool families get half off the normal price! This discount works for the monthly or annual memberships and can be used on single-child memberships, too!

I think it is essential for homeschool curriculum providers to offer free trials or sample lessons for families to see whether their products would be a good fit. CTCMath offers a free trial, so you can try it out and find even more great reasons that this one homeschool math curriculum is all you need for your whole family!

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