Does Your Homeschool Student Know What To Do After High School? Mr. D Math Can Help!

Help your homeschool student answer the question of what to do after high school with this self-paced online course, College and Career Readiness, by Mr. D Math.

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What to do after high school

Most kids struggle, at least to some degree, with what to do after high school. Homeschool high school students are no exception.

My second son is about to graduate from high school, and he’s really been unsure of what he wants to do next. We’ve been through all the options many times, but he just hasn’t felt confident in pursuing any particular path, and it was really starting to bother him.

Heading into his last semester of high school, I suggested that we add Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness course to his schedule. He was a little hesitant at first because Mr. D Math is known for their live courses. My kiddo is an introvert.

When he found out that this class is offered as a self-paced online course, though, he was more than ready to give it a try!

This course can definitely be done independently, but we are going through it together for a couple of reasons:

  1. I need to gather information in order to write a homeschool curriculum review of Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness.
  2. My son needs the opportunity to talk through the process with someone. If I watch the videos with him and know what the assignments are, I’m better equipped to have these conversations with him.

NOTE: Mr. D Math is the name of the company that offers this homeschool curriculum. The College and Career Readiness course is not a math class. It is a life skills class.

Mr D Math

How Can Mr. D Math College and Career Readiness Help Your Homeschooler Decide What To Do After High School?

Mr D Math College and Career Readiness

We are only a few weeks into the course, but my son is already starting to take some more concrete measures to figure out his next steps after high school.

Even though he has always said he didn’t want to go to college, we have made sure that his academics provided a foundation for any path he might want to pursue later in life. Here we are in his last semester of high school, and he has started asking questions about college.

That’s why we try to prepare them for anything! He might not decide to go to college right out of high school. He’s considering some other options as well. But if college is something he wants to do at any point, he shouldn’t have a problem being accepted.

Goals and Time-Management

Right out of the gate, Mr. D starts helping students put some goals in place. His goal-setting philosophy and process is very similar to mine. It’s very much a “let’s get this down on paper and start working towards it” approach.

I love how he integrates the idea of personal responsibility throughout the course! He lets students know upfront that they will only get out of the class what they put into it.

Students are given training on how to use valuable tools like Google Calendar and Google Docs to help them learn how to manage their time well and keep things organized.

We haven’t been through the rest of the course yet, so I can’t give you specifics on the content of the other lessons. But I’ll let you know which topics are covered in the different sections.

Help Your Teens Set Goals

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Financial Planning

The financial literacy lessons cover long-term wealth building, buying and selling stocks (including a virtual stock market game), bank accounts, and credit cards. There is also a project about financing a car.


Developing entrepreneurs will learn about discovering their passion, crowd funding, creating mastermind groups, and managing life like a business.

College or Career Prep

Students will learn how to research a company or university and prepare a resume. They will also take two virtual field trips-one to EA Sports and one to Walden University (one of my alma maters!)

Learning Styles

Brain mapping and a multiple intelligences quiz are used to help students discover their learning styles and connect them to possible career matches.

Personal Note: I was very pleased to see that the theory of multiple intelligences is utilized in this course. I used this as the foundational theory for my dissertation study on the experiences of homeschool students with ADHD.

The Self-Paced Online Course Structure


Each lesson begins with a recorded video of Mr. D teaching to a group of students in a live format from a previous session of the College and Career Readiness course.

This is great for allowing the self-paced students to still get the feel of being in a live class. Mr. D has a lot of interaction in his live classes by responding to his students who are typing into the chatbox. If your student is one who would normally like to participate in that type of setting, they might feel a little removed from the interaction.

My son is perfectly fine letting others do the chatting, so he’s not bothered by this at all. There have been times when Mr. D stops to allow the class to complete an activity. We usually just fast forward a bit if it