Jamestown, VA: The Birthplace of America

The story of Jamestown gripped me in our early homeschooling days. We read of the hardships suffered there and built replicas of the fort. Since then, Historic Jamestowne had been on my bucket list. As our kids are quickly headed towards adulthood, I was doubtful that we would have the opportunity to realize this dream before our homeschooling days were over. To my great excitement, however, a last-minute decision to use up some airline and hotel points before they expired landed us in Williamsburg, VA, just down the road from Jamestown! You can read an overview of the trip in my post, A Homeschool Mom’s Dream Trip! Williamsburg, Jamestown, & Yorktown, VA + Washington, D. C.


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Historic Jamestowne

Heading out on Colonial Parkway from Williamsburg, we spent the second day of our trip in Jamestown. Historic Jamestowne was our first stop. This is the original site of the first permanent English settlement in America where archeologists have been rediscovering the birthplace of America since they began excavations and preservations in 1994.

From the visitor’s center, we made our way down to the archeological site, but we couldn’t miss the stately monument commemorating the 300th anniversary of the settlement along the way.

The Jamestown Memorial Church immediately caught our eye as we made our way to the archeological area. Old church buildings have always fascinated me! I guess that’s natural for the daughter of a pastor who has now also become the wife of a pastor. Growing up, it seems we’d always find an old church to wander through on every family vacation. Whether filled with intricate design or just a simple country church, I can’t help but think about the worshipers who filled the room with praises in years gone by. This church brought a particularly personal element to its congregation through the intriguing gravestones in the adjoining cemetery. Even the kids found it difficult to move on without reading all of the stories engraved on the eroding stones.