5 Reasons to Get the New Version of Apologia Physical Science

Apologia Physical Science has a new updated 3rd edition out for 2020, and it’s worth the upgrade! Here are five reasons you should add it to your homeschool curriculum lineup.

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The following post and video were made as a collaboration between Apologia and It’s a Joyous Journey. We received the Apologia Advantage Set-Physical Science, 3rd Edition in return for providing this honest content related to our personal experiences with the product.

Apologia homeschool science curriculum has had a place on our bookshelves for many years. We’ve used it at almost every grade-level, both in homeschool co-ops and on our own. I’ve always saved the high school courses when my oldest son took them, so my younger kids could use them too.

This year, when it was time to start planning for my daughter’s freshman year, I went to Apologia’s website to see about ordering a student notebook to go with the 2nd edition of Physical Science that had been patiently waiting on the shelf for a couple of years.

What I found instead was a new Apologia Physical Science, 3rd Edition with enough upgraded features that it absolutely earned a spot in our homeschool curriculum line up. Yes, my daughter is our last homeschooler, and I could have just stuck with what we had. But, I felt this new edition would enhance her high school science experience in a way that was definitely worth nudging the 2nd edition to the “Sell or Donate” box.

So, what exactly is it that makes the 3rd edition so much better?

Here are five reasons we love it!

It’s more user-friendly!

The writing is broken up with a lot more graphics and figures, so it’s easier to read (you don’t have the full pages of nothing but text like you did in the older version). The graphics and figures also help to explain the concepts in a visual way. The font seems to be bigger, too.

Informative visuals and bigger font!

The edge of the book utilizes coloring to mark the location of each module, so it’s easier to find your spot.

Easily find your place in the text!

The organization between the textbook and Student Notebook is also a big plus! For example, when you come to the “On Your Own” questions in the text, you can move right over to the Student Notebook and find them written out with space to answer. The vocabulary words are presented in the Student Notebook in the same order (and color) you find them in the text, and the note-taking prompts follow right along with the sequence of the module, as well.

Textbook and Student Notebook go hand-in-hand!

It’s just a very structured, open-and-go homeschool science curriculum that both students and parents will be able to easily navigate!

It’s colorful!

Color is used so well in Apologia Physical Science, 3rd Edition. I already mentioned how it’s used to mark the different modules, but the entire textbook and notebook are filled with colors that organize the content beautifully!

Colorful graphics!

Not only are there stunning photos and graphics, but students are able to recognize the different parts of the modules by the color coding that is used. For instance, new sections are titled in purple, vocabulary words are set apart in blue text, “On Your Own” questions are found in green boxes, and examples stand out in a flesh-colored box. The color-coding carries over into the Student Notebook for continued flow across the curriculum.

Color-coding makes identifying sections simple!

The use of color in Apologia Physical Science, 3rd Edition really draws you into the text and brings the content to life!

The content has been expanded!

The 3rd edition is not just updated with more color and graphics. The entire text has been re-written to offer a more complete physical science curriculum. It covers chemistry, physics, and Earth science, and it gives students everything they need to prepare for more advanced high school science courses.

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